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Organic Baby Food Guru Blog is LIVE!

Organic Baby Food Guru Blog is LIVE!

The Best Organic Baby Food blog is now live!  After many hours of research and trials I have put together a huge amount of information about organic baby food.  Why organic? Parents like you around the world want the very best nutrition for their children. Healthy active adults are a result of good nutrition as a child.  Concerned parents  want our children to be healthy. Part of being healthy is receiving the right fuel to make the body function.

What to Expect from Organic Baby Food Guru!

Over the next few weeks we will be posting information on organic baby food.  I will cover topics such as where to buy, how to make your own, best ingredients to use, just to name a few.  Our bodies are being bombarded with chemicals, radio waves from cellular towers, fluoride in water, as well as many other unnatural substances every day. As a result, this makes keeping our bodies in good health a very difficult task.  This is even more so for children, especially those just beginning to eat solid foods.  Organic Baby Food Guru was created to help you on your journey. Better food and better food choices are the key to keeping your little ones healthy.

A Little More Info…

Just to let you know, this blog is written and managed by an expert in the field of natural health – me – Susan Gonzalez. I have been a professional holistic health counselor for almost two decades and a mom. I have spent hundreds of hours researching as well as testing a variety of homemade as well as store bought organic foods for my children. Tried and tested is the key!  As a result of all of that work, parents like you will get accurate as well as up to date information on organic baby food. This will allow you as a parent to make better choices.  Take the time to check in on a regular basis for tips and info from a natural health guru!

I look forward to seeing you again very soon!

Susan Gonzalez
The Organic Baby Food Guru