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Frozen Organic Baby Food

Frozen Organic Baby Food

We all want the best for our children. While many children have been raised on jarred baby food and have been just fine, the better choice is frozen organic baby food.

Ideally, all baby food would be picked and served fresh. Not everyone has access to equipment to make fresh purees though. If you do have access to this equipment, you can make homemade baby food purees and then freeze whatever is not eaten immediately. This way they will last longer than simply sitting in your fridge.

More than likely, just like most Moms, you don’t have the time to go through this process. Cleaning, cooking, and then pureeing food takes quite a bit of time. Purchasing fresh organic produce can also be quite expensive.

For an alternative that saves time and money, you can purchase frozen organic baby food. But it can be difficult to find frozen organic baby food at your local grocery store. This is unfortunate because just like the food we eat, frozen is superior to canned.

Frozen Organic Baby Food versus Canned

Why, though, is frozen better than canned or, in the case of baby food, jarred? This is because frozen fruits and vegetables are picked fresh and flash frozen at their peak. Canned vegetables are heated in such a way during the preservation process that they loose many of their nutrients. Baby food is no different. It is pre-cooked and pureed, however, it is still superior to baby food in pouches or jars.

So what do you do if you want frozen organic baby food but are unable to find it in your local grocery store? You take your shopping where most other shopping is going…online. A quick search will give you several places you can order frozen organic baby food from your own home.

There is another option if you want to purchase frozen organic baby food locally. You can request that your local grocery store carry it. If you can find several Moms who are also interested in purchasing it, it will increase the likelihood that they will comply!