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Choosing an Organic Baby Formula

Choosing an Organic Baby Formula

Choosing the right organic baby formula brand is a critical task for mothers and one that should be done painstakingly. Unfortunately, mothers are faced with hundreds of brands and do not know where to start. Organic products are defined by the USDA as those that have over 95% organic products in them. Organic products have to pass through all the approved standards and must be seen as conserving the environment in order to be labelled USDA Organic.

Consult your Doctor

Whether you want to switch from breast milk to formula for one reason or the other, or you are simply trying to substitute because you do not have enough milk or your baby is not healthy, consulting with your pediatrician should be step number one. They are in the best position to advise on the best brands to try out. Possibly they have had patients who have complained about certain brands or have read about them in medical journals. Seeking the advice of a professional such a pediatrician or your pharmacist will really help on your hunt for the best fit of organic baby formula for your baby.

Personal Initiative

As a mother, whatever goes into your baby is strictly your business. So even if your doctor/pharmacist has given you advice, or even a local/Facebook support group for new mothers, it is your prerogative to investigate the contents of the chosen organic baby formula.Organic certification does not necessarily mean that organic baby formula will be completely free from harmful ingredients. Some of the warning ingredients to look out for include processed sugars, palm oils and synthetic preservatives.

Follow the simple guidelines above and test the products on your baby for any adverse reaction until you find the best organic baby formula.