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Benefits of Organic Baby Food

Benefits of Organic Baby Food

A child’s development is most important between the ages of zero to five. They start with organic nourishment such as breast milk and then move on to organic baby food. But then when transitioning to solid foods, they can be inadvertently exposed to pesticides in their baby food.

That is why organic baby food is so integral to keeping a baby healthy. The manufacturers are bound by law to use vegetables and fruits free from harmful chemicals in order to be labeled as certified organic food carriers. This means that produce is grown in greenhouses with organic soil and not sprinkled with chemicals to make it grow faster. And even when produce is grown in the field, it has to follow a strict protocol to avoid cross contamination.

Organic baby food is the right choice for any parent who wants to ensure that their baby is getting proper nourishment free of contaminants. Since most of their early food consists of vegetables and fruits, this is an especially crucial time to be careful to choose organic. It might not be as big of a deal later on when the child does not eat so many fruits and vegetables as the sole provider of their calorie intake.

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, children are the most vulnerable to pesticides as they develop their brain functions while growing. It is more controversial as to whether adults are severely affected by pesticides, but children are more susceptible to their negative effects.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from selecting the best quality organic baby foods. There are many organic lines available in local supermarkets. Take the extra time in the store to select these readily available products. The future generation will thank parents for keeping them healthy during developmental years.